To this end, you can consult the judgment.

The judgment rendered on November 9th represents an important victory for citizens, since, for the first time, a class action is authorized against a group of professionals.

This class action calls into question the quality of the treatment provided by the chiropractors who worked in the Cliniques Zéro Gravité where it is alleged that the treatment provided was not associated with scientifically established benefits and that the chiropractors used false, deceptive and misleading advertisements.

The judgment rendered on November 9th therefore authorizes the group’s representative, Ms. Stéphanie Baulne, to file a class action in order to represent the members of the following group:

All individuals who have received a treatment consisting of lumbar traction / stretching and / or neuro-vertebral decompression using the Axiom DRX9000 device through chiropractors practicing their profession in one of the places of business of the Cliniques Zéro Gravité S.E.N.C. as of May 5th, 2010.

In the event that your situation corresponds to the one described in the previous paragraph, you are automatically included in the collective action and you have no other step at this stage to register.

As for the progression of the file, the class action will follow the usual process of a cause for liability. A timetable will shortly be agreed upon with defense attorneys and will outline the next steps. The process of a class action can take several months, or even several years. In this context, we invite you to remain attentive to the news, since it is only following a judgment granting the class action or ratifying a settlement that all the members of the Group, including those who have already contacted our firm, will have to formally formulate a complaint. You will be notified of the progression of the file by public notice.

Despite the above, if you wish to help facilitate the analysis of this file, you can complete a form which will be available on this page as of December 7th, 2016. This information will allow us to better understand the characteristics of the Group’s members and the number of Group members. This will allow us to make the best decisions as to the outcome of the case. We remind you that completing this form does not exempt you from the obligation to formulate a complaint if the class action should be granted or if a settlement should be reached. Completing this form does not bind our firm and does not correspond to the formulation of a complaint.