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Territory covered

Our clients can consult us in Montreal. As the case requires, we travel to all courthouses across the province for questioning or trial. If you are from outside of Montreal, contact us to find out how to access our services.

To start an approach

When you contact us to get help with your situation, we recommend that you prepare all the factual information that you have:

  • Event date
  • Names of institutions and health professionals involved
  • Your medical records, if you have them
  • Your personal notes, if you have them

You will receive a call back within 48 to 72 hours. This first call is free and will determine if it is appropriate to schedule a meeting with a lawyer on our team.

N.B. Due to the high number of calls that we get, a qualified person from our team will make the first call back to take preliminary information. If needed, a qualified lawyer from our team will contact you afterwards.

ATTENTION: If you contacted us by the Contact Form on our website and we do not answer you within 48 to 72 hours, please contact us by phone.

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