It is a new legal resource that aims to make quality information available to all Quebecers on the rights and responsibilities of citizens as users of the health care system. This site is the first of its kind in Quebec: it covers all of the rights of the health care system’s users and its goal is to help citizens better understand their rights, take ownership of them, and assert them.

The Ménard, Martin Avocats firm supports this site, which will be updated regularly by our team. Access to the site is free, and we hope that it will allow Quebec’s population to be more informed about their rights and to access answers or solutions on various issues related to health law more easily. This approach is part of one of the objectives of our professional practice, which is to promote accessibility of care. We believe that users who are better informed of their rights will have easier access to care that better meets their needs. Putting this site online also meets the other objectives of our practice, which are to promote the quality and safety of care.

On the pages of the site, the name of the firm Ménard, Martin Avocats is present. Two reasons prompted us to identify the site in this way. The first is a question of transparency: it is important that the people who consult the site know who produced it. The second reason is that it is important that anyone who consults this site knows that it is produced and kept up to date by a firm of professionals who have devoted all their expertise, for the past thirty years, to the representation of health care system users. The content of the site is not limited to a simple description of the rights as they exist on paper, but also define their practical application, with the difficulties that we have been able to perceive in our daily practice.

It is important to repeat here the warning appearing on the home page of the site: all the information, opinions, suggestions and advice included in the site are expressed in a general context. The content of the site cannot constitute, with regard to an individual situation experienced by anyone, the opinion, suggestion, or formal advice from the legal firm Ménard, Martin Avocats, nor constitute the mere fact of the consultation of the site the establishment of a professional relationship between the legal firm Ménard, Martin Avocats and anyone.

We invite you to bring this new site to life by sending us your comments, suggestions and questions to improve and constantly adapt it to the evolution of the health care system and ensure that it will always better meet the needs of citizens of Quebec, by writing at the following address: [email protected]