claim form 

On December 16, 2022, a judgment approving the settlement agreement in the class action against Cliniques Zéro Gravité S.E.N.C. and 12 of their chiropractors was rendered by Justice Suzanne Courchesne j.c.s.

Consequently, the claim period will be open until March 29, 2023We are currently receiving a high number of claims. They will be analyzed individually by our team.

To be a member of this class action, it is necessary to meet the following two criteria:

1) Having received more than 7 treatments of lumbar traction/stretching and/or neuro-vertebral decompression using the Axiom DRX9000 device by chiropractors practicing their profession in one of the places of business of the Zéro Gravité Clinics S.E.N.C.; and

2) That one of these processing operations took place on or after May 5, 2010.

If you meet these two criteria, you must:

1) Complete the claim form ;

2) Provide proof that you meet the two criteria mentioned above; and

3) Attach an identity document.

If you are claiming for someone else, you must also send the following documents:

Claim submitted by a liquidator or a member’s heir:

1) The member’s death certificate or a copy thereof; and

2) The results of the will searches with the Barreau du Québec and the Chambre des notaires and a copy of the last will and the probate of the will, if applicable.

3) One of the following documents:

  1. For the liquidator, copy of their registration in such a capacity on the Register of personal and movable real rights; or
  2. For the heir, copy of the registration of the closure of the liquidator’s account on the Register of personal and movable real rights;

4) Recognized proof of identity of the liquidator or heir presenting the claim.

Claim submitted by a member’s curator, tutor or mandatary

1) Satisfactory evidence demonstrating that the curator, tutor or mandatary has the legal authority to act on behalf of the member and demonstrating that they have the management of the property of the latter; and

2) Recognized proof of identity of the curator, tutor or mandatary.

As provided for in the judgment, the amount received by each eligible member is proportional to the number of acceptable claims. Consequently, it is not possible, at this time, to determine the amount that will be paid to each member of the class action. With regard to the payment of compensation, it will be paid by cheque, seven (7) months following the completion of the claim process. As cheques will be addressed as indicated on the claim forms, each member is responsible for ensuring that the denomination entered on their claim form is accurate.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Ménard, Martin Avocats at 514 253-8044, ext. 233 or by email at [email protected], mentioning on the subject line that your question is related to the Zéro Gravité class action.  Please note that, given the high volume of calls and emails we receive, there may be a delay in getting your questions answered.