Take notice that a Settlement Agreement has been reached between the parties in the class action against Zero Gravity Clinics. On November 29 2022, the Tribunal will be asked to approve the Settlement Agreement on behalf of all class members who have not opted out of the class action. We will inform you shortly of the date on which the Settlement Agreement will be submitted to the Tribunal for approval. At the hearing for approval, members of the group who wish to make representations will be able to speak to the Tribunal. 


We remind you that in this class action, the representative of the group, Ms. Stéphanie Baulne, represents the members of the following group:


“All persons who have received treatments consisting of lumbar pull-ups/stretches and/or spinal decompression using the Axiom DRX9000 device through chiropractors practising their profession in one of the business locations of The Zero Gravity Clinics L.P.P., as of May 5, 2010.”

In the event that your situation corresponds to that described in the previous paragraph, you are automatically included in the class action and you do not have to complete any other steps at this stage to register.