« On April 20, 2020, an application to be authorized to institute a class action against the CHSLD Ste-Dorothée was filed. Since then, this request has been amended several times to extend it to several public CHSLDs in Quebec.

As of August 1st , 2023, a final version was filed. Please find this version here Re-amended application 2023.08.01 Only this application will be heard by the court.

The court will hear this application at the Montreal courthouse on September 18th , 2023 (room 15.08 at 9.30 am), September 21st , 2023 (room 12.61 at 9.30 am) and on September 22nd, 2023 (room 12.61 at 9.30 am).

As such, we are currently asking the court to authorize us to bring a class action for the following class:

Any person who has resided in one of the public CHSLDs listed in the attached list (…) at any time between March 13, 2020 and March 20, 2021, as well as their spouse, caregiver(s), children and grandchildren, as well as the heirs of deceased residents. ».

List of public CHSLD

Any person who does not meet this definition cannot be part of the class and the class action.

At the end of this hearing, the court will decide whether this class action is authorized or not. Also, the court could change the definition of the class.

We will post the judgment on this page when it is available.


In the event that your situation corresponds to the class described, you are automatically included in the class action and you do not have to complete any other steps at this stage to register. »